Welcome Visitors! This website is intentionally & necessarily not up to date. I find that I can engage in interesting research and what Cal Newport calls “deep work” or I can do the bidding of the internet and social media.  I value the former over the latter, so please excuse the lack of recent pithy posts here and on social media. However, I find that my students, business colleagues, and others often want to know more about me and my work. So I provide this site to assist with that.


Management is one of the most noble professions there is when it is done well.  Managers have both the privilege and responsibility to help organizations and individuals reach their goals.  A good manager can help an organization and its employees achieve more than they might have without his or her leadership. It has been said that “everything rises and falls on leadership.”

Unfortunately, too often we see management that borders on malpractice.  We see managers who either don’t understand or don’t apply best practices in management.  Frequently this is because we under-invest in our managers.  It is not unusual that we are formally trained in some other profession like marketing, finance or engineering but receive virtually no management training.  An employee is a good marketer so they are promoted to Marketing Manager with little to no thought to their actual managerial skills.  An accountant has demonstrated strong financial skills so we make them the Accounting Manager or Controller without considering whether or not they have an aptitude to manage a department.  An engineer demonstrates exceptional design skills so we promote them to management without considering whether or not they have the interpersonal skills to replicate their own design skills in others.

Toby Joplin is a business professional with over 25 years experience helping organizations and individuals reach their goals.   Toby’s passion is developing management and leadership skills in others.  He currently the Director of Executive Doctoral Programs and Clinical Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University.